OnlyOffice has recently released the latest version of its online document editor – OnlyOffice Docs 7.3. This update brings several new features and improvements that can enhance your productivity and collaboration experience. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what’s new in OnlyOffice Docs 7.3.

One of the major new features of OnlyOffice Docs 7.3 is the improved collaboration options. Now, users can work together on a document in real-time while seeing each other’s changes in real-time. Additionally, OnlyOffice Docs 7.3 introduces a new commenting system that enables users to provide feedback on specific parts of the document, making collaboration more streamlined and efficient.

Another significant enhancement in OnlyOffice Docs 7.3 is the expanded support for file formats. The latest version now supports a wide range of formats including Microsoft Word 2019 and 2021, as well as OpenDocument Text and the TextMaker file format. This allows users to open and edit files in a variety of formats without the need for additional software.

OnlyOffice Docs 7.3 also comes with a host of other improvements and bug fixes, such as faster document loading times and better compatibility with different browsers. These updates are part of OnlyOffice’s ongoing commitment to providing the best possible online document editor for its users.

Overall, OnlyOffice Docs 7.3 is a significant update that offers new collaboration options, expanded file format support, and various other enhancements. Whether you’re a business, educational institution, or individual, OnlyOffice Docs 7.3 can help you work more efficiently and productively. Try it out today and experience the latest in online document editing.