OnlyOffice provides a mobile app that allows you to work on your documents and collaborate with your team members on the go. This can be particularly useful for remote workers or anyone who needs to access their documents outside of the office. In this blog post, we’ll explore how the OnlyOffice mobile app can help you work on the go.

With the OnlyOffice mobile app, you can access and edit your documents directly from your mobile device. This allows you to work on your projects and collaborate with your team members from anywhere, at any time.

The mobile app also provides a variety of collaboration tools, including chat, comments, and notifications, making it easy to stay in touch with your team members while on the go.

In conclusion, the OnlyOffice mobile app is an important feature for anyone who needs to work on their documents and collaborate with their team members outside of the office. With the mobile app, you can work on the go and stay connected with your team members.