What are ONLYOFFICE forms?

The most popular questions were about the brand-new ONLYOFFICE forms (OFORMs) and their further development.

Will the new version have an easy way to create a form to share for questionnaires?

Yes. If you mean basic data collection like in Google Forms, we’ll add such functionality. The idea behind OFORMs is different though, but why not.

In the next version, ONLYOFFICE Docs will allow collecting input data from filled out OFORMs to a database for further analysis and processing.

In fact, we’ve already developed this functionality — it will be available in Nextcloud and other integrations too.

How are you planning to further enhance ONLYOFFICE Forms? Will you add any interesting features in this regard?

The next version of OFORMs is already in progress, and we have many features are in our roadmap:

  • field presets
  • forms manager adjustments (roles, save time)
  • encrypting fields and entire forms
  • adding e-signatures
  • editing PDFs

Besides, we’re working on Virtual Channels — a new product to complete our engine with necessary processes.

We’ll extend the list of platforms for integration and add new API methods to give more options to use the virtual channels within other platforms, such as e-learning and data management solutions.

Are OFORMs available in my solution?

Check the availability of fillable forms in your ONLYOFFICE Docs in this table.

Enterprise Edition Yes
Developer Edition Yes
Community Edition Yes
Cloud Edition (VIP) Yes
Cloud Service Yes
Enterprise Edition Yes
Community Edition Yes
ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors
Windows (EXE) Yes
Mac (DMG) Yes
Debian, Ubuntu, and derivatives Yes
RHEL, CentOS, and derivatives Yes
Snap Coming soon
Flatpak Coming soon
AppImage Coming soon
iOS Yes
Android Yes

We’ve also updated our official connectors to enable OFORMs and new features from version 7.0 within:

Watch this video to learn more about existing ONLYOFFICE integrations:

Will you add a feature to ONLYOFFICE?

Your ideas shape the feature set in ONLYOFFICE solutions. Some of them are already here:

  • Dark canvas. Fully dark mode with inverted white text.

Everything you wanted to know about ONLYOFFICE 7.0

  • Excel macro support. Although we are not planning to add VBA Macros support, now we have an option to keep the vbaProject.bin file in the OOXML structure
  • Video conferencingIntegration of Jitsi for video calls during editing sessions.

Everything you wanted to know about ONLYOFFICE 7.0

  • ODF default support. If you open an ODT file, it will be saved as ODT. We’re constantly improving the compatibility — please report any issues on GitHub, our forum, or Twitter.
  • Cloud storage framework. Storing files in the Documents module of ONLYOFFICE Workspace.
  • Email hosting. Available in the cloud version of ONLYOFFICE Workspace.

The following video quickly shows you around all the new features in ONLYOFFICE Docs 7.0.

And here are the most demanded features that will appear in the upcoming ONLYOFFICE Docs releases:

  • Print preview (version 7.1)
  • ARM support (version 7.1)
  • Comments and signatures in PDF
  • RTL support
  • Pivot charts
  • Section numbering
  • Changing page background color
  • Opening SVG images

Up-to-date roadmap for ONLYOFFICE Docs 7.1 is available on GitHub.

There have been multiple requests about MS OneNote alternative in ONLYOFFICE Docs. How would you like to use such functionality? Leave your ideas in the comments!

Has ONLYOFFICE become more secure?

Security is the top priority in ONLYOFFICE solutions. Learn why in this review video.

These were the most common questions around the security topic:

Built-in end-to-end encryption. Today you can try end-to-end encryption in our Private Rooms used in ONLYOFFICE Workspace coupled with the desktop app. In this case, we use ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors to encrypt and decrypt documents.

But we plan to make end-to-end encryption available not only via desktop editors. Stay tuned!

Apache log4j vulnerability. The majority of our products wasn’t affected. We don’t use Log4j in ONLYOFFICE Docs, the source code remained protected.

However, the Elasticsearch service experienced an impact of the vulnerability. To prevent security issues, follow Elasticsearch instructions or contact us.

ONLYOFFICE access using VPNYou’re able to restrict access to ONLYOFFICE using proxy. Contact us per email — we’ll check if there’s a configuration for your scenario and provide you with the necessary assistance.

API for permission control. This API page refers to access permissions. Here you can e.g. define the groups whose comments the user can view, edit, and remove.

Autosave mode. Autosave is enabled by default in ONLYOFFICE Workspace. In case you’re connecting ONLYOFFICE Docs to a third-party sync&share system e.g. ownCloud or Nextcloud, you can configure the autosave option in the settings.